Plane crash

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I was saddened to hear of the 113 deaths resulting from the plane that went down on its way from armenia to russia. lets hope we wont have another huge loss of lives like that again

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Very sad, here's the article....

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Crying or Very sad

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yes, i feld very bad for all the people, and for the families. 😞 , but life goes on.

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life goes on indeed... but let's hope all those poor souls RIP.

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Crying or Very sad May They all RIP

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yes verry sad 😞 it makes me feel weird.

(have you noticed we have been kinda repeating ourselves)

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I don't know the details of this crash because I gather its because the thread is old and the link (at top of page) is invalid now.

Just a note on Plane crashes in general, but does anyone watch a programme called 'Air crash investigations' or there another called 'seconds from disaster'. Its amazing Just how many of these crashes could have been avoided. Its such a tragic loss of life over some avoidable mistakes Crying or Very sad

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Yes I have definitely seen the latter, and I believe that I have seen the former. Sometimes it just seems that one or two things that went wrong brought a huge plane down.

Crying or Very sad

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