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Hey Peeps,

My trip to St. Maarten is drawing ever closer and just had my flight details though, but I am flying AA (personally I wanted Virgin, but I am fussy :p)

Just wondered if anyone has ever flown with AA and if so, what are they like? I have never gone with them

I am going LHR to Miami, so 99% sure that we will be going out on a 777, unless they have any new fleet members lined up :p - havent they just bought a load of new aircraft?


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Well, I havnt personally been on American Airlines but here are a few reviews...

Out of interest, do you know who'll your be travelling with from MIA -> SXM


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Well, I am actually picking up a ship in Miami and will be taking that down to SXM for a few days, among other islands :p

Ummm, those reviews don't look 100% promising :p - can anyone fill me with some confidence?? 🙂

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Compared to non-US operators, the US majors are renowned for poor service. I'm not sure it would really matter which one you used.

I've flown on United, Delta, US Air, Northwest and Continental, and none were as good as Virgin (which codeshares for Continental on some routes) or even BA.

That said, most US airlines seem serviceable and to some extent, the degree to which you will enjoy your flight depends on the crew. In that respect, AA and the other US carriers are no different from anyone else.

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I always fly AA if I can. Besides flight crew, I've found their ground staff very helpful.

On the couple of occasions a flight has been delayed overnight, I've been fed and put into a good hotel. One time the flight was cancelled for bad weather they booked me with another carrier and arranged a taxi to take me to an airport about 70 miles away to get a flight.

AA has a good webiste, newsletter and frequent flight specials notification.

I suppose having flown over 560,000 miles with them makes me a little biased. 😀

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I too am a firm supporter of AA. They were the first to offer extended legroom in coach (a wonderful feature for those 6' and over, like myself), have wonderful service and staff, and are not as heartless as plenty of the other aforementioned US carriers. Also, I might note that AA was one of the only major US based airlines to avoid bankrupcy (unless I'm mistaken).

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