Make your own flying lessons???

TimTim Guest

Hey everyone,

This may be a long shot, but here it goes

Is it possible to make your own flight lessons?? Well maybe not exactly lessons but to be able to make things like the Rod Machado lessons, where certains events are triggered when certain things happen (such as altitude)

For example could you do something like:
If plane_altitude >= 5000 THEN play toohigh.wav

But I would prefer if you could do it through a user interface rather than program it if you know what I mean

Also it would be nice if you could control the autopilot, just like Rod does when "he is controlling the plane for you" (like after steep turns)

Thanks for the help in advance

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TimTim Guest

So I'm guessing there is no way that you can easily make these??

Or was it that people didn't understand my question??

I'll explain again...

Is there some program which allow you to make certain events happen when the person flying the plane does something?? Just like Rod Machado does when he was making his flight lessons. For example, when you are in your flight lessons and you were told to climb to 5000 and instead you climb higher than that, the event is trigged that a sound is played, which is Rod speaking saying "Too high, descent"

Is this possible in FS??

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Dan Young (dannyboy2005) First Officer

no i don't think so. But i was fishing around my fs folder the other day and got to the lessons folder. Open it and open a lesson, open a lesson in notepad and edit it to what you want. Then save it as what you want. Thats how i did mine.

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