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Hi all,

Just found this site an spent hour or so reading posts
(i liked the 'can i have fs2004 free' thought it was a good thread ! ) Twisted Evil

I used to be an avid flightsimmer but ya know how it is married then kids etc, 😳 well anyways the kids are a bit older now so i have some more time 😛
so i dug out my old fs2000, 2002, an cfs1 +2, installed the lot fired up multiplay... nothing, M/S have stopped hosting Crying or Very sad
as i currently run my own server hosting my own websites it got me thinking about a game server Idea Idea

I am pretty savvy with web design and hosting 😎 but i was wondering about the differences between that and game servers ❓
If anyone could shed any light on this for me, i am thinkin about setting up FS2002 server and/or cfs1/2 depending upon whats involved

Thanks in advance


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Redscouse Guest

Hi all,

regarding my post above, i have been tryin to find out some stuff about game servers, now for FS2002 would i be right in assuming i just start up multiplayer and host a game and thats it job done server online, or is there a server version similar to unreal tournament etc.



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