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Fronteir planes?

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hey all im asking this question because ill be flying Fronteir to Salt Lake City from Atlanta and I was wondering if anybody knnows what Fronteir`s fleet is composed of Airbus, or Boeing and if so if anyone know what aircraft will be used during my flight.

thanks in advance

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Last I heard Frontier was flying A319's & A320's. I could be wrong.

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would any of them be able to fly from atlanta to salt lake?

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Frontier currently operates a fleet of 49 aircraft including 42 132-passenger Airbus A319 jets and seven 114-passenger Airbus A318 jets


I guess you could be on either one of these crafts for your flight 😀

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ifdg painted all of them Wink

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the plane they got on at the top left is the one I have its got the wolf and all looks exactly like it.


Frontier mostly uses A319 its hub is denver and i think they use some other aircraft but you will probally use the A319. Also their partnered with horizen and they have a crj 700

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