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FFX vs CaptainSim Boeing 727

Keep the FFX or pay for the CaptainSim?
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Kurt Stevens (KurtPStevens) First Officer

I have logged many hours now in th FFX Boeing 727 Cool . It flies well and looks good to boot. Does anyone have an opionion in regards to the CaptainSim Payware 727?

I have been happy with the FFX version, is it worth the cash to get the CaptainSim 727 Question

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Kurt Stevens (KurtPStevens) First Officer

No one has an opinion at all? Or is my deodorant not working or something like that? Just looking for some feedback here…

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RadarMan Chief Captain

I never bought any aircraft, so far the only add-on I have is Ultimate Traffic and am planning on buying when it comes out.
Also I'm a "taildragger".
Sorry that you haven't received any responses.


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Kurt Stevens (KurtPStevens) First Officer

Update and info on CaptainSim Legendary 727.

I went ahead and bought the thing. The download was a little over 80 megs. If you are thinking about buying payware aircraft, I hope you are not still using dial-up! Embarassed (as I am)

Their order process was smooth, but there could be some improvement to the install process. You are given an order number when you make the purchase. On install you have to connect to their site and enter this number in a text field to complete the install. Here lies the bump in the road. The order number the give you is a letter then a string of numbers. If you enter the order number as it is given to you it will fail as invalid. Three invalid tries and it locks out. Turns out you are not supposed to include the letter, although is it included in the string and no where in the install instructions does it say to omit the letter. Evil or Very Mad

I will hit it again tonight and post here what I think about the CaptainSim Legendary 727. (Although there seems to be little interest in it by any one else but me) Wink

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RadarMan Chief Captain

It sound and looks good. When you get it how about posting some for screenshots us to see.
Good luck with the download (it doesn't come on CD?

They have it here as a CD.

These seem to be downloads.

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Kurt Stevens (KurtPStevens) First Officer

My maiden flight in the Legendary 727-100 was a quick trip up the coast to KSEA. The CaptainSim Legendary 727 is an incredible aircraft.

The flight characteristics of the Legendary 727 are very similar to the FFX 727, but the complexities of her systems are out of this world. There is a 15 point chech list just to light the APU! I love it![/img]

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