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PIREP template

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Can anyone provide a link for a pirep template?

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Most sites have their pirep pages password protected to they can be used by members only, but if I find one that isn't, I will post the link here.

Don Wood Guest

If your question deals with actual PIREPs (pilot reports of unforecast meteorlogical conditions), there is no template for the report from the pilot. The pilot simply advices ATC of the conditions encountered, the location, altitude, and time. If ATC wants more information, they will request it. Check out for a discussion of PIREPs.

If, instead, you are asking about flight plan position reports, there is a template. It is (once you have established radio contact with the ATC facility):

Aircraft callsign
Type of flight plan
ETA over next compulsory reporting point (for IFR)
The name of the next succeeding compulsory reporting point (IFR Only)
Any pertinent remarks

Note the two items that say IFR only. They are mandatory for position reports on IFR flight plans and optional for VFR flight plans.

Many of you will probably not know what position reports are, especially if you fly only in the US. Radar coverage across the continent is so good now that flight plan position reports are rarely required. Back in the days when the coverage was not so good, position reports were required so ATC could keep track of each flight. Now, for IFVR flight plans, reports are only required when an aircraft is not in the radar environment.

I generally use flight following when I'm on a VFR flight plan especially over the wide expanses of sparsly occupied land here in the west. When I fly out of the radar environment and flight following is cancelled, I make position reports about every 15 minutes to aid in search and rescue should I wind up on the ground in that uninhabited area. Because I am VFR, these reports are optional at my discretion. If I were IFR, they would me required.

I hope this answered your question.

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I saw another post by davidmac1 where he is involved in creating a web site for a virtual airline, so I assumed that he was looking for one for that site.

I know...I should never assume. Wall Bashing Whip Hit with Chair

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Thanks to both you guys for trying to help. but it was actually crash who was on the right lines, sorry for not explaining myself fully.

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