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I need help, please!


Alright, Im a bit of a newcomer, and im taking the "Flight Lessons" on Flight simulator 2004 "Fs2004" and Im at part "Steep Turns" and I can not get it for nothing, I can do the first part where HE keeps all the controls steady for me and I just make the 45 degree bank, but I CAN NOT get the part where I myself have to control everything and make a 45 degree bank.

I hope you guys know what Im talking about?

help please?


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I didn't really get that part also.
I just kept trying to get it and it finally worked out.


ohh, alright. thanks.

I guess i'll keep doing it and doing it.

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no problem 😎

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I have not been through the FS9 lessons so I don't know how well they cover steep turn techniques. First, steep turns are part of the commercial pilot maneuvers so you should have already mastered private pilot manuevers. The reason for that is like almost all other learned skills, you first have to build a base of knowledge and technique before trying to master more advanced techniques.

The technique will vary slightly depending on the aircraft being flown but the basic techniques for most GA a/c are:
1. Make a clearing turn to make sure the turn area is clear of other a/c.
2. Establish a coordinated turn/bank of 45 degrees.
3. As you reach the 45 degrees of bank, add a small amount of power. The amount will depend on the aircraft, weight, and air density at the time. The correct amounts comes instinctively with practice.
4. Dial in a small amount of nose-up trim. Again, the correct amount becomes more evident with experience.
5. Begin your roll-out to straight and level about 30 degress before reaching the desired heading.
6. As you begin your roll-out, slightly reduce power and dial in the same amount of nose-low trim to avoid a baloon climb as you reach straight and level.

Once you have learned the basic techniques, practice, practice, practice.


Thank you! so much.

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