Fly Away Simulation

my most recent trip (lol)

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Ryan Finn (pilotguy44) Captain

here's 3 shots from my most recent trip..

and yes... this IS Flight Simulator 2004.
(who needs that Ship Sim anyway? :lol🙂

you can find it at only.. search for zip file

lol.. the irony.. it's on

there's also an entire site I stumbled upon devoted to this.. lol.

i had no idea there was a whole group of people devoted to creating water vessels for a flight simulator, lol 😂

however.. some of these models are quite detailed.

okay.. with that all being said. I am still, without a doubt, a pilot at heart, and a diehard flightsimmer. 😀 😎 Yes

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No cockpit views??? 😞

Kidding...Great shots Pilotguy ❗ 😀

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Jonathan (99jolegg) Chief Captain


Original shots Ryan 👍

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CrashGordon Chief Captain

A nice change of pace!

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pilotwannabe Chief Captain

😂 😂

What happens when you pull back on the joystick??


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amermel First Officer

beautiful screenies!!!
Great job PilotGuy

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CrashGordon Chief Captain

there's also an entire site I stumbled upon devoted to this.. lol.

Except for the fact that they are using a very lame scheme to prevent hot-linking of files by other sites, whch makes it impossible for me to download anything, it is a good site.

I hope their web master never tries to become a brain surgeon. Twisted Evil

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Ryan Finn (pilotguy44) Captain

..wait, whats the problem crash?

..the downloads worked fine for me. (yes it's an odd setup they have.. and i dont care for it, but the actual downloads worked)

lol.. i now have at least 5 ships on my FS9. From container ships and cruise liners.. to a small fireworks barge that shoots off fireworks when you press "I". (the container and tanker ships come with a neat VC)

..i'll have some screenshots up soon.

i also downloaded the scenery for Port Ogden in Victoria, British Columbia. It is excellent scenery, although it covers a very small area. Very detailed... includes a heliport and a seaplane dock as well 👍

download it here:
(screenshots on this link too)

enjoy your sailing 😎 😂

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CrashGordon Chief Captain

..wait, whats the problem crash?

..the downloads worked fine for me. (yes it's an odd setup they have.. and i dont care for it, but the actual downloads worked)

I tried in non-rapid succession to download about 10 different files. In each case I was redirected to a page claiming hot-linking was bandwidth theft.

I left a nasty-gram in their forum under a thread devoted to the subject.

They don't know what the problems is, but I do. Their system relies on determining that the referring URL for download requests is their site. If it isn't, you get referred to the hot-link page. It really isn't badwidth theft. What they want you to do is click on the ads on their site to generate revenue.

My system is set up to never provide the referring URL. This prevents any site from tracking the last site I came from. Since they can't get that information from my browser, I can't download from them.

The thing is that it is easily resolved, but since it is a revenue issue, rather than a theft issue, I won't provide them with the solution. I can live without their ships. 😉

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basys Trainee

Hi Folks

You attempted 4 downloads.

It is not a revenue issue ! 🙄

It's solely about unthinking or selfish individuals
who do nothing but take, take, take...
and put nothing back whatsoever.

The modelers put a lot of work into their vessels
and made their hard work available through that community.

What we don't want is other sites hot-linking,
and thrashing the site by ripping our bandwidth,
thus making the site unuseable to our members.

There is no need whatsoever to click ads.

End of story.

The site is very specific about why the redirect is in place,
and I think reasonably apologetic if you've been wrongly redirected there.

Hot-Linking is Bandwidth Theft
Your attempted unauthorized access of Yard vessels, is not nescessarily directly your fault,
rather it's that of the poster, or webmaster, of the site from which you clicked the Hot-Link.

If you genuinely tried to accessed a file via its preview-page within this site,
please report this in the forum - Download Problems - Redirected to Hot-Linking page ?.
If you dont report errors, they'll never be addressed.

You are free to access all downloads at any time, though via normal page-links, (but not via Hot-Links).

FS-Shipyards' performance had being seriously impaired, by non-participatory persons bandwidth-theft when accessing our hosted files,
to such an extent that, at weekends, the site was becoming virtually unuseable by our members.

FS-Shipyards pays for both the hosting & the bandwidth which you use when, accessing, or downloading, from the Yard.

As a non-commercial operation, we fund this by displaying adverts.
By accesssing via Hot-Links you are directly undermining the Yard's future.We would prefer that you access our main site,
where you will have the additional benefit, for all parties, of participating in, and understanding, the various Yard activities,
& hopefully becoming a member yourself.
Click the Add Favorite and you'll always be able to return to this site, (below logo, top-left).

To access the file you had requested, click the link below -
FS2004 - Queen Marry 2

Yard Superintendent
April 2006

Crash's Post - Download Problems - Redirected to Hot-Linking page ?

I could resolve thisinstantly by making the site members-only access,
unfortunately the site's creator (who was going to close it),
specified explicitly that if we took over running it,
then it must remain open to non-members.

If you have as soln. then please share it,
as we have 2 other sites with the same hot-linking problem.


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