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airport directories?

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Are there any airport directories (european) which will tell me name, country, id. this is all i want, a simple one like that.

Also they don't need to include all european destinations, just the major ones

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I dont know if this link could help you... ➡

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davidmac1 First Officer

brilliant, exactly what i was looking for, thanks

TimTim Guest

Wikipedia does

If you have firefox (the web browser that is) then just type in to the address bar "wp <airport name>"

So if I wanted to look up the information about Heathrow Airport (in London) in Firefox I would type "wp Heathrow Airport" and be brought straight there

If you have Internet Explorer, or Safari, or any other browser, then just type in and type in the Airport you want in the search bar in the bottom of the page and press Enter on your keyboard

Here is the links for some airports on wiki

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