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New Screen's from E3, WOW, Airport shots!

Pro Member Chief Captain
Solotwo Chief Captain

Ok did some research, and I can't wait.

Microsoft is bringing Flight Sim alive. No more will we see desolate airports roads and fields. The world is coming to life with moving vehicles, jet ways, birds and animals. Textures have been improved dramatically and full use of todays powerful graphics cards will be put to use.

Microsoft is enhancing the multiplayer experience with more content and ease of use when it comes to flying on line with your fellow aviators. Voice over IP and a client/server set up versus the current peer to peer option.

Microsoft is showcasing this as a Vista title but it appears this will ship before we see the OS hit the street. This will be addressed in a future update/upgrade which will take the user from DX9 to DX10 and Vista compatibility. This will be a free upgrade for those who have purchased the DX9/XP version.

Some great things are in store for FS fans with this latest version Microsoft's Flight Simulator.
Just a few of the highlights.

New Aircraft, details to follow.
23 regions of the globe, each with it's own characteristic look and feel.
Modeling of the atmosphere far beyond the current 100,000 foot limit.
New Camera views
36 additional high detail cities and cultural features.
Flexing wings on the heavy jets and vapor effects.
Support for 5.1 surround sound.

Pro Member Chief Captain
CrashGordon Chief Captain

The before and after set is interesting. Looks like they have improved textures, but have done nothing about the underlying mesh.

CEO, Omega-Air Virtual airlines

Pro Member Chief Captain
99jolegg Chief Captain

Good find Thumbs Up! Great textures Shocked

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Pro Member Chief Captain
pilotwannabe Chief Captain

Can't wait!!! Wink

Pro Member First Officer
amermel First Officer

dude!!!!!! Shocked

Pro Member Chief Captain
RadarMan Chief Captain

Excellent information solotwo, I'm glad that you could find that.
From that description it's going to take one heck of a machine to run it.

Anything about 3D, if not that rules out SLI boards as a requirement.

To think all I wanted was more tire smoke Wink


Pro Member Trainee
chlorinekid Trainee

CrashGordon wrote:

The before and after set is interesting. Looks like they have improved textures, but have done nothing about the underlying mesh.

mmmm thats my concern also...the mesh could be better but i guess we'll have to wait and see...

Pro Member Chief Captain
Oberkomando Chief Captain

Great pictures. Shocked

" Every manīs work is a portrait of himself"...Anonymous.

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