How many FS9 fans live in/near Denver
 60%  [ 6 ]
 40%  [ 4 ]
Total Votes : 10
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Is there any scenery worth seeing in Yosemite National park? If so please tell me how to get there. 😀

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that isnt a yes/no answer....


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The original question was if the scenery was interesting there and how to get there from Denver. Why the poster made it a poll escapes me. He isn't asking for scenery enhancements, but whether the place looks good (It does) and how to get there from Denver. In fact, it isn't clear whether he's talking about FS or real world. So I am not sure whether to give him FS directions or a road map.

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Well the poll was to see how common FS is in CO. I would like directions on how to get to yosemite in FS, maybe from denver or from the closest airport to yosemite. 😀 😀 😀 😀

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The top right is Yosemite.

47 is Sacramento, 21 is Colorado, you can look at the first map see where Yosemite is in relation to Sacramento and then to Colorado and head west young man, from Colorado to Yosemite.

Your making it very difficult on yourself, just lay in a flight pattern in the sim and follow that.


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