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Hi there.
If you get ultimate traffic are you able to fly the planes that come with it?

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I don't think so seadogs, I believe it is a purely AI program 😉

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I bought it a while back and back then it was good. Now the models that come with it very out dated and don't look realistic. Another big probelm that the program has is yes it may have all the flightplans of all the airlines in the world but I tell one at least half maybe more don't have the texture sets for all the AI airlines. So without texture sets it's like watching the default AI fly around. It sucks in my opinion. I've also noticed that these older models from UT are not as frame rate friendly as they are made out to be. Freeware models have good frame rates.

Even Traffic 2006, if you look at the aircraft models in the videos or screenshots you can clearly see that they don't look very realistic.

Here are some links to Freeware AI aircraft with installers.

Project AI:

Installer link:

Airlines link:

Cargo link:


Military :

Now here's World of AI, their models are very good.

Home Page:

just scroll down the page for links to the installers and AI packages.

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Run update ever so often, you'll get new paints.
If you want to change the flight plans they have (pay) new ones for download.


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