Visual Flight Photo Scenery - review!

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I bought the Northern England section of the [URL=Visual Flight Photo Scenery][/URL] and it arrived yesterday. I installed it and after the initial hiccup of it asking for an unknown CD (only 3 in the pack) it seems to be working fine.

It DOES take a while to load and on my P1700+ anything over 120kts the full detail gets 'left behind' as the PC can't get the data fast enough. The detail is superb though and infinately better than the standard MS offering.

I guess the photos in my locallity (West Cumbria - "The Lake District" for those who failed Geography) were taken around the 1999-2000 dates as the house I sold a while ago is still on a building site 🙂

It's fun to follow roads that you drive and know - for example I followed the A66 through to Penrith and turned right following the M6 as it carved its way south through the Cumbrian hills (incidentally one of my favourite road). Also it is brilliant to see the harbour and piers in my home town with surprising clarity and detail. I've not ventured far from the Lake District yet as the hills and valleys are rendered with amazing detail not only in the photographic detail but the new terrain mesh is superb giving an awesome 3D environment.

Anything over the 2000ft mark is great and I chose to fly mostly at 3000-5000ft to give me a wider view of things, only descending when something in particular caught my attention. Also it is surprising how many 'old' disused airfields (probably war-era) are dotted around as the flight sim doesn't have them as current airports. As a lot of race tracks are built on old airfields I'm off to find Croft Circuit next!!! 🙂

I was sceptical at first to buy the scenery but I got a bit sick of the 'blandness' of the standard FS2004 land detail. However for only £15 this is a very worthwhile upgrade.

If anyone has any other VFR scenery parts and wants to trade (for trial only of course!) please let me know.


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😀 Hi Dave I have East & South East England and Wales & South West England.I also have the European Enhanced Terrain mesh (I think its the same for the Uk as supplied with VFR as I can not see any major difference between the two)

The loading times are a bit of a pain in the Ass but well worth the wait
It still takes a while on a XP2800,512ddr mem Nvidiafx57000


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😎 Aloha Tom, I was just Wondering where you get those great Little Icons that you use in your Post's. Their Really Awesome. Ric

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😀 which ones ?
Ass Thats from view more emoticons
Or the flypast thing is a freebe I found by searching for animated Gifs on Google
I realy wanted a tank.............but there we are then


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The lil' Butt. Sure wish I could use it on my site,what a scream great for a few laughs. Ric

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RadarMan Chief Captain

Just right click on any of them and save them to a folder that you can make.

Here they are, if you want any others let me know.

Just click on "View more Emoticons" and the rest will show up.

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