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New site for multiplayers !!

Redscouse Guest

Hi all,
I'm redscouse.

I was a bit dismayed at not being able to fly online with like minded people since M/S closed down the servers, so i have created a site where everybody can download my fleet, fly online, file pireps, post your game IP's etc, not a V/A just a meeting place for Virtual Pilots

if anyone is interested you can find my site at :

link below
Scouse Airlines



P.S. Hope to see ya in the Virtual Skies soon...

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amermel First Officer

sweet ill check it out.

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davidmac1 First Officer

I've tried to get on the site again to sign up but it doesn't seem to work. is there a problem?

Redscouse Guest

Sorry about down time - i have just learned a valuble lesson about hosting
i have been away on holiday for 3 weeks got back today, seems workmen cut power 2 days after i went server been down since !!!

it is back up and running now though

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davidmac1 First Officer


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Sylvester (Etower) Trainee

When I try loading the page it doesn't work!!! Do you know why?

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Germán Campopiano (Oberkomando) Chief Captain

Great i will check it out.
Seems to be a nice place.
Thanks Very Happy

TaylorU10 Guest

The problem for me not activating my account is because i have not received an E-mail...I dont know what the problem is but i would like to join.

Carlin Guest

HI i ve just found thjis as i love fs2004 thanks but i guuta probem sometimes as the site will nort load occasionally?

Carlin Guest

hi owner of redscouce my profile says im not registerd plaese can u activate my account it says im registered as i curently a first officer i am a big fan of your site and login every day my Username is Carlin

Carlin Guest

sorry i made a mistake it currently doesnt say im registered and my profile says im offline

Redscouse Guest

Hi Carlin,

First let me congratulate you on your hours, well done
(did you know you are only 0.1 away from your next rank !)

As for your profile, you should know that there is a time expiry for inactivity, basically if you don't do anything within a certain amount of time, you automaticly get logged out as this will represent a truer figure of who is actually 'online' against those who forgot to log out.

I do visit these forums daily, but i you wish to get my attention quicker, use the forums over at Scouse Airlines.

Redscouse. Wink

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