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FS 2004 with GeForce FX5200 flickers!! (Signal turned off)

waldemar Guest

Proud new owner of FS 2004 now, but the fun stopped pretty soon... After flying for a while my screen flickers between black (no signal at all) and regular (with sometimes shifted pixels) - I cannot put my finger on it what the problem is.
I'm using an NVidia GeForce FX5200 and just installed the latest 56.72 driver without a difference. I am using both video outputs running FS on DVI output because the connected flatscreen has a sharper and brighter picture.
PC is also ok, 2,8 GHz Intel, 1 GB RAM, no other funky hardware installed.
Can anyone please give me a direction what my problem could be? I never had these kind of screen "blackouts" before but then again I never used any of the 3d options of the video card. dxdiag does not report any problems neither...

Pro Member Chief Captain
RadarMan Chief Captain

Using 2 monitors does "drag" on the card some. Try it with one monitor plugged into it, if that doesn't do it go back to the previous driver.
I take it that you don't have the slides maxed out for top performance, if so turn them all down to default.
Clouds, water, aircraft shadow, all of those are a drain on a video card.
Let us know how you do.


Pro Member Chief Captain
tomthetank Chief Captain

Sad The fx5200 is an ok card for fs9 but runninng two monitors will give it some grief and my be the cause of your problems
Also have read of some people having probs with 56.72(screen flickering on and off with one monitor)so try Version: 56.64 March 2004(XP) Arrow

Other than that Im stuck,sorry I think you will have to use just one monitor


waldemar Guest

Thanks for your tips guys...
Well I keep the case open and switched the 3d to the crt monitor and it's ok now...
I'm just thinking if it might worth getting a new video board... (got several airports and those terrain enhancement cds)... I read the ATI 9800pro is one of the best choices to get?? what is there to expect with a better card? double frame rates?

Pro Member Chief Captain
RadarMan Chief Captain

I have the 9800 Pro 128 and I'm very happy with it's performance. I just push it beyond any cards capabilities.
No one can guarantee you double FPS, it's up to you how much pressure your going to put on the card, I run at 100% traffic with Ultimate Traffic and GA-Traffic installed. I found that with both of those maxed I'm killing my frame rates
Here's some reading for you. Read


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