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craft identification

Warren street Guest

Dear all,

is tere a way to know the details of the fligt of the crafts that u see passing by in FS2004.

When I' see a B747-400 up there in hte sky I would like to know where it is coming from and where it is bound to...

Thanks a lot guys and do not stop flying and dreaming of far away lands


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CrashGordon Chief Captain

While you can change the information displayed to some degree, the departure and destination information is not available.

Warren street Guest

I have always been interested in craft identification, are there any sw out there that allow you to determine where a craft is comeing from and it's destination, maybe syncronized with the internet at some stage?

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Ryan Finn (pilotguy44) Captain

i found a neat little device that displays all the information on surrounding AI flights up to a 130nm radius.

i made another thread on this somewhere... but i can't find it so i'll go through this again, lol

you can search by these categories:
*On Ground

it's formatted like an airport timetable, with airline, flight number, etc.. and you can even click on each one and get an inside view from the plane and listen to it's ATC communications..

..however, unfortunately, it acts like an aircraft rather than a guage in the game... so you cannot use it while you're in another plane. .. it's simply meant for use when just "plane-watching"'s more fun than it sounds.. especially if you have ultimate traffic or something of that sort 😎

find it here:

i hope that's helpful! 😎 😀

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tomthetank Chief Captain

👍 Good find pilotguy

shame it only works as an aircraft Crying or Very sad

I dont know about Ultimate Traffic,but Traffic2004 has a utillity that can be accessed from within your aircraft.It will show you hight,speed and destination

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