Is It AI or Scenery Problem??

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I user of antilles 2004 scenery.. fantastic scenery and especially how they depict the islands in so much detail. I am also a user of the program Ultimate Traffic. For some reason, I have noticed for the longest while that some aircraft namely LIAT, Caribbean Star and American Eagle always seem to be parked at my home airport of TLPC and in some of the other islands at times they are not supposed to be there and never seem to be going anywhere. I have tried several things that I thought might remedy the situation but to no avail. I do not know if anyone have come across this same problem and writing to you see if there is a fix or suggestion....Additional information..I have used AFCAD Version 2.21 to create and add more parking in that scenery,the problem seem to persist only in TLPC, TVSV & TNCM and doesn't happen anywhere else and i have created extra parking in all the islands.....thanks

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Run the update for new paints that might be available and also run compile to reset the aircraft.
Make sure that you have all countries (continents) checked so the aircraft have somewhere to go.


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