I-Glasses and Head-Tracking virtual gear, do i need drivers?

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Hey, I just bought a virtual reality system for $400, I-Glasses PC/SVGA 3D Pro and a VirtuaTrack head tracker (Serial RS-232C Port). I can’t wait to try them out but I'm not sure how to get them working.
I know the I-Glasses are almost a plug and play system but they also support stereoscopic (individual left/right) screens for true 3D, but I’m sure that’s not a plug and play feature. Is there a driver for FS2004 that supports it???

And most important, I need to get the VirtuaTrack head tracker working in virtual cockpit!!! Any ideas or experiences?

Has anyone ever used virtual gear in FS??? Do you guys think it was worth the few hundred dollars ❓

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I have a few friends with the TrackIR 4😛RO and they are very happy with it.
You can get the software and manuals here, they should have come with the gear when you bought it. I would contact the company and insist they send out a CD.

I know nothing about the I-Glasses PC/SVGA 3D Pro except that they are unrealistically expensive, I wouldn't pay that much for anything I couldn't drive, live in or ****.


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