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Is it possible to group aircraft in the menu differently for add on planes?
If possible I'd like to be able to group all the jet liners by the name of the Airline rather then the type of plane or the group/person who made the plane.
This is so I can more easily group and remember which plane is which.

The second question relates to the first.
I'm looking to create a more realistic jet liner atmosphere. I've started downloading a few different models and some of them are fantastic for freeware. However I don't have a great deal of space on my HD anymore and I was wondering if there is a way to have all the different varients of Airbus, Boeing and McDonnel Douglas (at least) plus the many varients of Airliners. Is there perhaps a good base model Boeing/Airbus/McDonnel Douglas etc for all varients (e.g. 747, A320, DC-10 etc) and then texture packs that simply change the look of the plane to different airlines. That would save me from having to download many different models of the same type of plane just to have a different airline showing.
I hope I made some sense in that lol.
One extra small question... I don't think my add on craft are showing as traffic. Is there any way to make them appear as AI traffic?
Any guidance is much appreciated.
Thanks a bunch. 😀

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Your last first. You can turn all of your aircraft in your folder into AI by using this app, GA-Traffic. It's free.

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You can pick your aircraft and then look for repaints, there are many of them.
I was reading some things about Shigeru Tanaka's aircraft and found dozens of repaints that have been done by him for his passenger jets.
Another great site of course is:

Some of the finest looking aircraft made as freeware

Nope I don't think there is a way to "organize" your aircraft menu, but I could be wrong.
I was once about 15 years ago. ROFL

See ya and have a good flight! 👍


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Sorry RadarMan, you're wrong this time!

Yes there is a way to organize your menu. You have to have NOTEPAD!

Go into your "Aircraft" folder, then open up the folder containing the aircraft you want to organize. For example, if I wanted to re-organize a 747 from Northwest from the "Boeing" Type, to "Northwest" in my menu on FS2004, I would first open up my main FS2004 file, then the "Aircraft" file, then the file of the 747 i want to organize. after that, you have to open up this file in NOTEPAD!!! I CANT STRESS THAT ENOUGH, NOTEPAD!!

The file you open is called "Aircraft.CFG" In there, there's a line that starts like this

title=Casino Express B737-200

This is just abbreviated, but do you see the thing called ui_manufacturer=Boeing?

All you do is change the Boeing to Northwest, and its categorized as Northwest on your FS2004 Aircraft Menu!!!

Good luck. If you want more help, im on yahoo and msn
Fire_emblem_master (yahoo) (MSN)

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Thanks for the correction.
I found that interesting and I'm certain that others will also. Bow Down

Umm... Twice in 15 years, not too shabby. ROFL


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Alex (Fire_Emblem_Master) Chief Captain

You're welcome! Heck, twice in 15 years, thats way better than what i've got, i'm usually about twice every couple of hours! Embarassed

It may also be a good idea to back up the files your gonna be editing, because there's a thing in there thats almost the same as the one i told you to edit, and im not sure what messing with that would do!

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