Have anyone of you tired Flightgear?


If yes, how is it?

here's the url:

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I like this free flight simulator.

IMHO it is very promising especially the flight physics are better than in FS2004.

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We have a mini-article on Free Flight Simulators, there are a few more popular ones - check the article out here:

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I bought the four CD FlightGear for my iMac 27 quad with Lion. It is lame . . . do NOT buy it. It crashes half the time I run it. If I had payed more than $50 bucks I'd really be pissed. There's a steep learning curve, not because it's complex or difficult, but because it's nearly impossible to figure out, and too often I watch a black screen waiting for it to load a situation, to realize it crashed and I'm waisting my time.

Virtual Pilot should be ashamed to say it works on a Mac.

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