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Hello there, well im interested to know if there´s someone capable to repaint the aircraft of LOST ( the TV serie)...You can found the logo at as you can see.. all flights are cancelled before flight 815 tragedy. Well, i think this model could be very popular so I think a repainter would be interested.
Well, the model I need is for FS2004
Hope you will be interested.


Something you can use to start with...


Doing some research, I think the model corresponds to a boeing 777


As you can see there are some differences between this images..the little one is directly extracted from the serie, the scale plane is unofficial but could help for something, i think the tail only haves the logo but no oceanic writing.

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If you buy the excellent Level-D 767 there is a repaint for it...

Here's one for what they say was the actually plane used in Lost which was a Tri-Star...

And here's the update for the texture...

Btw here's the link to the 767 if you're at all interested...


But there all payware models..and i think they use lot of resources...i dont have a real fast computer, so I´m looking for a normal and free boeing 777 model (better with VC) with that company repaint.( they dismanteled real tri-star but in the serie it suposed to be a boeing 777, look at the little nose image from serie)

Thank you Solotwo for your soon answer and research, but is not what im looking for.

kjm55 Guest

hey i was just wondering which episode did u get the small picture above from?
(the snapshot where flight 815 is in the air an the cockpit snaps off) its jus it wud make a great background pic....thanx

and ps....if you wanted to try and make the model of flight 815 yourself it would'nt be too hard.. i thought it would be hard to make repaints but when i tried it it was ok

BigBubbs Guest

As someone who still works on a Tri-Star, i would love to see this texture on one!

Great Aircraft!

MikkDC Guest

I searched and searched the net for a Boeing 777_300 Oceanic Airlines repaint but could not find one. So I decided to try doing one myself. i've now finished my first ever attempt at a repaint and althought it isnt perfect its not too bad.

Once ive uploaded it to AVSIM i will post the link here 🙂

for now heres a link to a picture of the repaint.

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Really nice job. I don't remember what it looked like on the show but you do good work!


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Huhh, I have a Problem with this. In the Game I see just a white plane 😞
Please help!

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