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Hi all
I have two questions:
1 Is there a way to refuel planes on airports?
2 Can i somehow controll the reversed thrust with my trottle? I would be neat if you could just pull a full back and the engines whould go into reverse...

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Take your choice of these three ways.
1: Taxi over to the fuel pumps.
2: Assign a key to the command "Add Fuel Quantity".
3: Select "Aircraft - Fuel and Payload" from the menu (press Alt).

To reverse thrust use "F2", that's the only way I know of. Dont Know


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I know in previous versions of FS you could "miscalibrate" your throttle axis and leave a small amount of unused space at the bottom and when you would go into FS if you pulled the throttle all the way back it would kick in the reverse thrusters. I've been unable to do this trick with FS2002 though, don't have 2004 yet but I'm assuming it will be the same as 2002.

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I also remember in anything Pre FS2002, you could taxi over to the pumps and the fuel would automatically increase - no user intervention required - but I belive in FS2004 you have to use the add fuel command as RadarMan said, you can use this command even in the air if you wish... how unrealistic!

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