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I think you should be able to adjust the passenger numbers and cargo distribution so handleing wise the plane would be different each time


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😎 Aloha Anon, That's a valid Question,If I ever heard one. It would make more sense I believe in a small GA plane than a Commercial Airliner, simply becouse in a small Craft the load Balance is Critical for flight,and any Major Movement will GREATLY affect the handling of the plane. Now on a large Commercial Aircraft the loading of the Plane is Closely Watched as to the Balance of the load and the Passengers are seated in close approximation to what the balance should be,and the final equation to the answer is the Pilot with Experience to Quess-temate if you will,the Balance of the Plane and After take-off,adjust the trim at Level. Hope this Helps, Ric

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You can alter the fuel and cargo settings which affects the balance by clicking fuel in the select flight screen or by pressing Alt then aircraft with the sim running


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