Something needs to be done

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Jeff Brock (jeffb57) First Officer

read this screenshot page. it is revolting, the f word is in their like 20 times. i believe that our excellent moderators should be given the right to erase screenshot comments. radar man and ttt always seem to be fast at getting spam and vulgar comments out of our fourms.

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Greekman72 Chief Captain

As i know the only one can edit the Screenshots gallery is flyaway himself.

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Ryan Finn (pilotguy44) First Officer

bad language doesnt phase me as much becuase I hear so much of it in school everday..

..but i must say, this site is definitely not the place to run your dirty mouth.
it's a shame people feel it's necessary to just run their mouths like they're in a bar or something 😞's especially bad that most of them are registered members, which doesnt improve our site's image at all..

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Jonathan (99jolegg) Chief Captain

Add it to the list...

Only Flyaway can delete them unfortunately 🙄

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pilotwannabe Chief Captain

Forget the swearing....this is hideous ➡

😀 😀

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hms_endeavour Chief Captain
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