how do i use new textures?

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i download new paint skins for my aircraft from internet, but when i get them it says something like cahnge xxx to a number , and then when i try the thing can not be read because i do not have the right program, does this mean i need a program like winrar, to use these, if so tell me what is or where to get, if not tell me haow to use the textures, if no program is needed. thanks.

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This will explain how to install textures.


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thanks for the link, but i still could not get anything to work

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The number( x ) you have to change is located next to word flight in the aircrafts cfg file you want to add the repaint.
To open the aircraft cfg file you need notepad which including in Office package.
Right click to your cfg file and choose open with.
From the programs list choose notepad and hit OK.
Now you can open it and find the last flight add your repaint data under it by giving the next numbers from the last one,If the last one is 5 you have to give 6.Go to the upper level hit File and Save and its done.

Sorry if my English are not so helpful to make you understand.

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