i want to rpaint my aircraft, that i have, but dont know how

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i want to make reapints for my aircraft,but i dont know what program is the best to use or even how to use any of them to paint the aircraft. if some1 could tell wich free program is the best and how to use it i would be very greatfull, thanks

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I found that link most useful but it did not solve my problem. I have been trying to add a repaint to an ac but although I have all the correct entries in the AC.CFG file, it will only dispaly the one texture. No variation at all and I have to rename the existing texture folder to something else and then replace it with mine that I have to name texture. Is there another entry somewhere else that restricts the texture's to one only. I know this used to be true in FS2002 but not 2004 which allows variations

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