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Ok my game seems to not work properly and I don't know why. It keeps crashing my computer, AND it locks up in certan levels in campaine, it just freezes. These are my PC specs. Geforce 5500 with 256 memory/ I got more then enough ram like 764 or something 1.98 gs of virtual memory/ 2793 mghz prossesor IDK if I'm leaving anything out but I need some help Please.

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It's an older and not the best of cards any longer.
Clean out the old driver (it may be corrupted) and install the drivers that came with the card (if you have the disk) or find some 2 year old drivers and install them.

It can also be your sound card drivers (maybe) or that your computer needs a cleaning.
Open the case and using compressed air clean the fans especially the heatsink, they become clogged with dust.

Hope one of these works for you.

Of course there always is the possibility that you recently installed something (an aircraft, scenery etc) that isn't compatible.


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Lockon was a real pain to get working right--you sound like you have a fast enough computer, but as was suggested--go to video card makers website, and download and install the latset drivers. Also be certain to get newest version of dirext X. In game I suggest you set the sounds to lowest settings, and reduce visibility to lower setting, as the same with details, clouds etc... Set everything down low--and make adjustments to higher levels, see what works.

For me it involved all of that, but eventually I went to a NVidea 7800GS card, 2 gig ram, also be certain you have free memory, go in a turn off anything running you do not need. I use END IT ALL (freeware) and it kills off nearly everything I dont need-and things run real smooth.


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