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Hello everyone,
I recently formatted my computer, 'cause I felt like it was time for a fresh start, but unfortunately, I still have 4 partitions. Doesn't matter though, I'll survive 😀 . I hope you've all been well. Launching the sim is quite a bit faster now, and I hope to budget my downloads well this time. I wanted to ask, however, if I download the no-cd crack again, will it slow the sim's launch time, i.e. is launching from the CD faster? Thanks, and as always, nice to be back 😉

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A fresh install of Windows is always nice and fast, at first.
The NO-CD Crack will not slow the launch down at all.



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I just added the no-cd crack, since FS9 kept demanding I put the CD in when it was already there.

No startup time difference that I could see.

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