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infonaut Guest

Idea I'd like to see ...

- much more complex simulation of aircraft abnormalities/failures similar to that available in the Pilot-In-Command add-ons, plus more realistic simulation of aircraft wear & tear, with post flight reports on aircraft damage, tire wear, etc

Idea To enable above ...

- vastly increase aircraft systems simulation & cockpit controls; as seen with many great add-ons

- more ATC options such as Inflight Emergency Handling, ability to divert HDG temporarily, etc etc

Idea Finally we have seen the development in recent years to leave the cockpit and 'walk' through aircraft interior, what about ability to walk around aircraft on the ground (preflight), and enter via stairs/jetway?

robbier Guest

i would like to see the ability to walk inside the airports and from the airports to the jetways to the aircraft to the cockpit. and how about some passengers

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