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Come and join


Come and join my Multiplayer game now pls I have never been online
the host is 23456 (mfs2004 ofcourse)


well never mind, cus you 20 members that are online right now think tey are too good for me since I am no member!

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Taylor (Flyboy92) Captain

guest.... that is not true.... if you see a lot of names at the bottom saying they are online they can still be off-line and they just forgot to sign out. were not to "good" for you we were just either busy doing other things or not online please don't think we are like to good for everything! everyone here is just the same as you.


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Hey Flyboy92,

I can help you get your signature picture visible. Read my previous post.

p.s. It's a little large but it's a good picture.😉

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