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If you have the latest drivers from Nvidia have you tried out the Nvidia Control panel that comes with it ?
If not, try it,
Open your PCs Control panel and you will find it in there, open it and click on the 3D Settings,then appearance
Have a little play with that if you want then, click "take me there"by the use advanced 3d settings line
Now there is a fair bit to play with here so one step at a time,test the system an so on
But here is the interesting bit,click the program settings tab.
Now you have access to special settings for a whole host of games,and FS9 is in there under MS flight sim

Try the custom settings and see if it improves things 😉

I would be interested in anyones results as i saw no difference,but I am running my card at the max anyway

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Even though i dont use the latest drivers,and probably i wont in the future, i must recognise a great techical suggestion from you. ❗ ❗ ❗ 👍


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Jonathan (99jolegg) Chief Captain

Interesting find TTT - thanks 👍

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