Flight sim X on X1900 XT or XT-X GPU?

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Hi all,

As some of you know from previous posts, i am thinking of buying an Apple Mac.

Apple are due to release the Intel Desktop (most power machine in their range) this Aug. I'm 99% sure they include the option of upgrading to either the X1900 XT-X or XT.

As i'll be running Windows as a partition on this system, this will enable me to play FSX. But i know that FSX has been designed for DirectX10 GPU's that have not been released yet.

So my question is, do you think i'll get fairly good results from the GPU's in question? I like playing FS 2004 with maxed out settings, but i understand that i'll need a DX10 card for same results in FSX.

Thanks again all


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The word on the street it that MS will release FSX before Vista so it won't have DirectX 10 capabilities.
Then when Vista comes out you'll get a patch to bring it up to 64 bit capabilities and DirectX 10 also.

This is all wait and see.


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