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ok I figured it out now help me

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OK as I taxied to the runway and as I was always going down it I always turned to the right. I though I could be wind so I took the wind away... still there, took everything away..... still there. so I decide to get into a glider "ah what the heck they cant turn wile there on the ground right?" so I put it into slew and go up and up and up... and I get it where I want it as I am about to hit Y agin I notice somthing, its yawing to the right. so I think to myself now what is causing this. I grab ahold of my X-52 flight control system joystick and just just a verry VERRY light left rudder and it stops so its not the wind or anything of the sort its my joystick.... GRR now how can I stop this? I know there are the dreadzones but I no nothing about them so I dont know if they could help or not.
Can someone HELP me?


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Jonathan (99jolegg) Chief Captain

You just need to re-calibrate your joystick. Go to Options and Controls in the FS9 menu and recalibrate it.


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