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ILS visual flight path and Atlanta airport


I was having trouble with the visual flight path. I flew in a 734 from Buffalo to Atlanta. I know that Atlanta has the ILS feathers for each runway, but the DID NOT SHOW UP AT ALL and I know I enabled it. Also, I flew in Logan Intl in a 172sp Skyhawk and it only showed up on one runway. I need help on that desparetly. Also, if you know a lot about Atlanta,that same time ine the 734, it was foggey and the ATC tried to get me to land on 26R, but the flight planner makes me land on 9L, and it got things mixed up so I tried to swich it to that runway, but all it let me land on was 26R, 26L, 27R, 27L. So I acknowledged the given runway and just landed on 9L anyway because I like to go by my flight plan, and I do not trust ATC on directioning, because once when I did, I overran the runway. So what I need help on is: 1. Help on the visual flight path 2. When ATC lets you land on 9L, 9R, 8L, and 8R, and when they let you land on 26R, 26L, 27R and 27L.

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For the visual flight path to work, you need to tune the correct ILS frequency into NAV1 and then tick the boxes in the Visual Flight Path menu and it should then work.

As for the runway choice, you should always land on the runway specified by ATC as it is likely other aircraft are using that runway and it is probably specified due to the wind direction. It is unlikely they will vector you to an insufficiently short runway.


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