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Hopping around Puget Sound

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It Rhymes HEHE Laughing
Here is a map of my path. Smile I started at Vancover Intl. and now I am leaving Fairchild Intl. Stopped in Abbotsford, and Victoria B.C.

My ILS approach to Fairchild Intl. Sorry about the size, I need practice. Sad

Out of Fairchild intl.
On the right is Faichild Intl. and the Strait of Jaun Defuca, on the left is the snow capped Mount Olympus.

On the Left is Faichild Intl. and the Strait of Jaun Defuca, below is Port Angelis I think, and in the background you can see Victoria. Very Happy

Any ideas on my picure sizes. I try to resize them in Adobe Photoshop Elements and you can see the results. Mad

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Puget Sound was the first place I explored on FS2004.

I once read a novel based on a real story about a small Cessna that took off from Tacoma International, but the pilot was knocked unconscious by the wake of a big jet taking off, leaving the teenage protagonist (who had also been knocked unconscious and awoke to find himself blind) to land the plane with the help of ATC. He was going to ditch it in the Sound but ended up pulling off a landing at Fairbanks.

PS. Your pic's are awesome Wink

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Very nice shots - although as you recognise, they'd be better bigger Wink

Thumbs Up!

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