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I have loaded fs four or five times but will not run, It comes up with a box "cannonot locate drive d" but it has just loaded 4 disks & Ikeep disk 4 in the drive, can anyone help? please


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Crying or Very sad Sorry to hear of your troubles
Help us to help you 😀 by giving a few system details ie Intel ?? Athlon??? what graphics card etc etc

There's enough of us here to get you flying 😛

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😎 Aloha JP,Well this is what I see,you either have partitioned your drive, or you have installed a second drive and D/loaded the program to it, so if you did partition the drive,your best bet is to D/load 2004 to C drive and put everything else in D, either way you want to have 2004 in your C drive as it makes D/loading anything in the future easier for you
if you know what I mean. If you would like a better expanation feel free to ask

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