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Newly uploaded to Avsim - may be of some help?

"File Description:
Traffic changer is a tool to simplify AI for FS9. The user can make flight plans, compile BGL files (using included TTools) and place the final plans into FS9 using a "group" concept. This is ideal for managing fleets of AI aircraft or for users wanting to easily change AI traffic at a single airport. It installs with the 59 default AI aircraft available that are already in FS9, 5,500 of the most common airports and a sample flight plan. A tour makes it very easy to get started. Take control of AI with traffic changer. Freeware, complete installer. Requires VB5 runtimes (which almost everyone already has.) Tested only on XP and Win 2000 ... Approx. 2 Megabyte in size. Traffic changer 601 is a huge upgrade for traffic changer 2 that now uses a dynamic menu structure for ease of use, 8 leg flight plan creation, a built in text editor editor specifically designed for flight plan editing, an aircraft finder that finds all installed aircraft and makes an aircraft.txt file to incorporate into flight plans and a built in help system with lots of screenshots."
Have not tried it yet - so can't say if any good or not.

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Thanks for les us know about it dear 👍 Dave C.

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Thanks a lot davidc! 😀

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