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I'm Flying IFR one place to another place. I Just follow the ATC talk to turn heading and land on ILS Approach, Is ok just to follow the ATC procedure without flying VOR to VOR ? It's hard for me until now to understand the VOR...

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Im not 100% sure of your question....but you don't have to fly VOR to VOR 😉

On the "Flight Planning" page, you can select to fly high altitude, low altitude and well as VOR to VOR.

I'm sorry if that doesn't answer your question 😉

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If you are flying IFR, then as PW said, you will be flying via Jet / Victor airways, via VORs or Direct - all of which, ATC will guide you through telling you directions etc. You can just choose direct if you don't want to keep turning etc.

If you mean VFR VOR navigation then that is completely different and requires a different explanation.


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