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MaxFreight Accepting Applications for Pilots

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freadjr Trainee

Are you looking for a Virtual Airline that makes flying interesting and as real as possible? Are you looking for a Virtual Airline with a knowlegable staff, to assist you with, even the slightest problem? Then look no further.

Max Freight was founded with the goal to provide our pilots, with
challenges and realism. If you enjoy VOR-A, DME ARC, and NDB Approaches, or just flying in general, then Max Freight is for you.

We have 8 hubs to choose from. Each hub has a Captain that is a
pilot, not only in the V.A. world, > but in the real world as well. All are very knowlegable and can assist you whenever you need. We also have a chief pilot, that has a training area to help you, even if you are a beginner. We at Max Freight care about everyone of our staff, new or even if you have been here awhile.

Boston, MA
Burbank, CA
Chicago, IL
Seattle, WA
Memphis, TN
Denver, CO
Oakland, CA
Orlando, FL

Realism is very important to us. We encourage the use of Squawk Box, Realtime Weather, and the use of controlled Air Space. Stop on by, We would love to see you.

Public Relations Director
John Fread (MAX9)

Pro Member Trainee
freadjr Trainee

We are currently updating our fleet. We are also in the market to expand into FS2004. If you are interested in assisting in painting planes, please drop us a line.

Max9 John Fread
KBOS Hub Capt/P.R. Director

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