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cant fly my taildraggers

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i cant fly my tail draggers my tailwheel wont unlock i press shift+G nothing i go to assignments and it says its assigned to shift+G so someone explain to me what is heppening

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Shift+G is the correct command to lock/unlock the tail wheel such as the DC-3. Locked or unlocked, it's still flyable. The term lock on means that the tail wheel is locked in a fixed (fwd) position, used for takeoff and landing. This aids in stability. Unlocked means that it is free to caster 360 degrees so that turns on the ground can be made more sharply. Either way it's still flyable. In VC, you can use your mouse to lock/unlock the tail wheel. Some tail wheel aircraft don't have lockable tail wheels. 🙂

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You have to get in your crafts cfg file and change the rudder settings.Most crafts give you instrunction in the cfg file of how to do it.

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