more opinions please :)

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hinch Chief Captain

can i have some opinions on the load bar and animation into the main site please. it doesn't seem right...

oh ja, there's nothing i can do about the load bar being mismatched sometimes. it can't catch up with us lucky enough to have 8meg broadband 🙂

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Jonathan (99jolegg) Chief Captain

Very nice - can't think of anything to improve it 👍 Dont Know

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lenin First Officer

proper bo' i tell thee!!!

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Insight Chief Captain

The site is nice, it has an extremely clean and crisp look and feel and I like it alot - apart from one thing.

When you click one of the links at the bottom it takes too long for the "firefly" to dance its way to the white box to ignite the page into opening.

make that run a bit faster - people will still see it going and think "huh - thats cool" but won't get annoyed with it after the 3rd time and think "just open the page dammit!"


Hope this helps, very very nice site man.

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cheechm First Officer

I agree with Insight

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