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Here are a few tips, that work for me, to make my flightsim look "As Real As It Gets"

1. Weather plays an very important role. If you don’t have any fancy payware packages, try using these settings that I use: Click on the "Building Storms" weather theme and click "Ok" Then go back to the weather options, and click on "User Defined Weather" and then "Customized Weather" Change the visibility to 20mi / 32km and you’re have a nice realistic atmosphere.

2. Get a decent VFR craft. Flightsim has so many different opportunities for creating GA flights that in my opinion, flying low is more far more realistic than flying high. You need something with a good VC, and if you want to keep things real, stay in the VC view mode for the entire flight. I suggest any Carenado plane for this, or the FSNORDIC Maule. It is the glass windows in the cockpit that make the outside appearance most realistic for me (see below) so bear than in mind when planning a flight.

3. Get some addons to enhance your environment below you. I strongly recommend VOZ 1.1 which has new textures for Australia, but work great all over the Southern Hemisphere. The VOZ waters also reflect clouds and sunlight, which is fantastic considering it is freeware. Mesh is also a necessity for enhancing hillsides and landscapes. It makes your flight much realistic when turbulence is turned on in the realism settings too.

4. Speed- you don't need to go fast to enjoy a flight. I usually cruise at around 105-125 kias, which is perfect for slower machines (like mine) as your ground textures don't blur. Also, try not to use autopilot, and have your hand on the yoke the whole time. The more your participate with the controls, the more realistic your flight should feel.

5. Time of day is of upper most importance too. To get the best results, set your Time/Date settings to dawn, then press the up arrow until the time just changes to daytime. This depends on what season you are using, but 7am is great. This way, you have the sun low in the sky, reflecting of all your autogen buildings and creating lovely shadows over hillsides and valleys.

Now you may not agree with me, or maybe everything I have said is very basic information, but I just thought I would share what works for me, with you, because at the moment, I am loving flying in my virtual world 😎

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Greekman72 Chief Captain

Your advices has your great shots as a prove that they are right dear Cheeky. ❗ 😉

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pilotwannabe Chief Captain

Thanks for the excellent tips Cheeky 😉 👍

Paul, PAul Guest

will do that now Thanks

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beerbadger First Officer

Thanks CT, but I have a question, What settings should I have when your flying a airliner?


TimTim Guest

Excellent cheekytrolly!!!


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Faucett First Officer

What mesh do you recommend, CT?

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hinch Chief Captain

cheeky - you appear to have copied my default flight 😛

i recently downloaded some new sky textures, and while not realistic occasionally - they certainly look fantastic.

exellent free GA planes that should be payware:


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Bindolaf Captain

Excellent advice, but I do feel I should post about the other side of things - again as real as it gets.

Get an airliner - you can choose an older one (e.g. a 727) or a state-of-the-art one (like an A340) it doesn't matter.

Sit inside with everything off. Do the preflight checks, plan your route. Have departure charts, en route charts and approach charts printed out next to you. Plan your primary and alternate route. Calculate your fuel. Program your FMC (or INS if you're flying old style).

Start your electrics, hydraulics, APU. Feel the plane detach from the umbilical that ties it to ground power and come alive on its own. Start the engines one by one and feel the whine of the power up and the confident hum of the generators. Feel the satisfaction of "four good startups" and the exhilaration when you push recall that everything is ok to go.

Line up and unleash thousands of pounds of thrust and yet take off as smoothly as a feather. Keep your course, check your computers, calculate your consumption, while always flying the plane. Check weather, fly the approach, tune your instruments. Watch your 400000 pound iron horse touch the ground with no more than a slight jolt. Feel the deceleration, taxi to the gate.

Experience the satisfaction, as you turn everything off, that you planned and executed a complex route, a heavy take-off and a comlicated landing without a hitch.

Happy iron horse flying 🙂

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ceetee Chief Captain

Thanks CT, but I have a question, What settings should I have when your flying a airliner?

Thanks for answering Beerbadgers question Bindolaf.
I usually fly GA and wouldn't have known how to answer that one 😉

What mesh do you recommend, CT?

I don't know about the rest of the world, but I base most of my flying in Australia and New Zealand. Search "Andy Wier" for Australain free 75m mesh on avsim, and for NZ, go to The NZ mesh is brilliant as there is so much variation in the landscape of the country!

Also, thank you Hinch for adding those great free plane links. How could I forget Airhead's Decathlon!

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earthqu8kes First Officer

i didnt do wut you did but when i was flying real time real wheather this morning, it looked like wut you said...

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