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how do i get the airplanes that i download into the game?

cheeseburg1 Guest

I have downloaded a boeing 707 and i unzipped the file how do i put the file into the game and use the plane. Please Help? ❓

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Thank you but i am still unable to distribute the contains correctly. I dont know if im doing it right?

Help Please?

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There is a read-me that comes with every aircraft you should follow that.

Here are some simplified instruction about installation.
Every aircraft is different.
Note that you've seen this so I can move it to the Aircraft Forum.
Hope this helps, if not let us know what and were you got the aircraft so one of us can download it and then tell you how.

My Computer is an icon on your desktop, double click on it.
Inside your main drive icon is "C".
Double click on that.
Look for a folder "Program Files".
Double click on that.
Look for a folder marked "Microsoft Games".
Double click on that.
Now you have a folder Flight Simulator.
Double click on that.
Laid out are all the simulator folders.
Follow the read-me that came with the aircraft.


cheeseburg1 Guest

I downloaded the Virgin Atlantic Boeing 747 and when i tried to drop the components in the different areas, it some how over wrote the previous files and now i have now visual display of any of the 747's. I read the "read me" and it did not tell me what to do.

Thank you very much for the support.

P.S. please let me know if you get any more informaton.

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