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FS 2004 Air Traffic Control

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Being a retired air traffic controller, and have been flying FS 2004 for a couple of years now, I would like to address the following items not as negative comments but maybe ways to improve FS 2004! 1. Traffic info is good, a little slow at times, but no action from controller if pilot does not see announced traffic! 2. On departures, as you taxi out and get in line to depart, it seems to me if any arrival traffic around airport, departures get last priority, it would be nice if we could add anticipated separation on departures for expeditious means to move traffic! Otherwise, FS 2004 is a jewel! When will next version come out? 😂

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Jonathan (99jolegg) Chief Captain

Welcome caj007 Group Wave

Yes, I think your views on ATC are echoed by a lot of simmers - we can only hope that they have improved it for FSX which is apparently out in October 😉

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Welcome to Flyaway caj007 😉


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