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i am having some trouble with my logitech 3d xtreme pro. the problem is when im taxing or flying the joy stick jerks left or right even when im not touching the stick, its as if its not finding the center position. yes i have tried calibrating it and i already reinstalled the drivers for it, and its with all my planes. sometimes when im flying it wont even let me turn. so does it sound to you guys like this joystick is shot and its time for me to upgrade?

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thats one reson i got a new joystick thats a bad problem with those joysticks ive tried everything to fix that and finally i just got a new joystick. i cant give you any advice unfortunatly..though if you get a new stick try to get the 'Siatek X52 Flight Control System'.

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if you havent gotten rid of it yet it sounds like the force feedback is out of wack or your playing a game that doesnt have force feedback

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