Messed up guages, please help

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I installed a couple of Helio Estrela's panels (737-200 is one) but obviously have messed up something; I get 3 DLL errors on startup and multiple errors for \guages\rp733.dll

How can I get the standard stuff back please? I didn't back anything up 🙄


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I'm understanding that you are getting a message at the start-up of the flight sim.
Can you tell me exactly what the messages say.
You probably have some gauges that should be deleted but you should put them into a safe folder somewhere in case they are needed at another time.


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😳 Never backed up 😳

The gauges can be found on cd2 in a zip file called MSGAME2

You can extract them all and overwrite your gauge folder or just pick off the ones you want

Hope it helps


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horrgakx First Officer

Thanks 🙂

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