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icky yellowing

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hinch Chief Captain

i was just out testing an aircraft i've been painting and i noticed how disgustingly yellow the white appears in the shade. i've just checked it out with an a318 and aeronca champ also in white with the same problem.

any ideas what it could be? i've installed some sky textures that appear yellow in the rain - if that is perhaps the problem i wouldn;t mind some suggestions for replacements Wink

cheers, hinch

Guest Ed Guest

It doesn't look yellow to me. Have you thought about a new monitor? 😉

Seriously, have you checked the color balance and brightness of your monitor? Maybe it's not performing up to spec.


BashDaBish Guest

Looks yellow to me.......

and white planes appear white to me in FS

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hinch Chief Captain

haha don;t jip my spankin new 21" lg with seperate calibration 😛

it's the sky textures anyway making odd reflections. the offending ones have been replaced.

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