737-800 qustions and a few others as well

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Ok for the most part I fly a 737-800 what are the V speeds of this aircraft during takeoff? and my big questions is about approches, I have read the sticky guide on the top of the forums so DONT give me a link to it, ok lets say I am going to land in seattle I am comeing in from the south before I get to the class bravo airspace I will somewhat line up on the runway just by guess and what not, my NAV 1 will be set on 110:30 the nav for seattles runway I land on so I swich my GPS to NAV do all that and get lined up on the runway then as soon as I am on glide slope I will disingage AP and decrease throttle so I start to desend and I can land the plane just fine that way, heres my question for thoes flights I do at night in really bad weather is there a way to get AP to do the approch for me? the desent that is, because sometimes I cant get it when I am flying in really bad weather when it is pitch black so can anyone help me?



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Do you know how to make an ILS-approach? You an learn so by taking up the flying lessons with Rod. I you practise an ILS approach you can land on instruments, even in bad weather or darkness.

If not, you can download a special 737 panel at, that is equipped with Autoland.

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V speeds depend on takeoff weight, weather conditions etc so its hard to say but V1 is probably roughly near 129kts, and VR at around 135kts with V2 somewhere near 140kts.

As for your second question, it is included in that Approach Guide you don't want to be referred to:

*The below assumes that you have the correct NAV frequency keyed in with the runway heading in the Course box.*

--> For Autopilot to descend on the ILS...
😎 Switch the GPS / NAV switch to NAV instead of GPS.

9) Make sure you have Autopilot on, your speed is at or below 180 KIAS, and you are at a height of 2800 feet. Press the APP button at around 10 nm out, and the aircraft will follow its path down vertically and laterally until you get to 500 feet AGL.

10) You will have to control flaps, speed and gear on this approach. At 500 feet AGL, you must disengage the Autopilot and hand fly the last 500 feet.

11) Once you land, slow down and taxi from the runway.

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Thanks I think I get it now I will start a hour or so long flight today and see how everyting goes I will let you know lol, and BTW I said I didnt want to be reffred back to that post what I ment by that is that I didnt want someone to just post a link to that post lol, what you did was very helpfull.


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