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this is a very strange question to be asking on a flight simulation site, but as this is the most helpful site on the web i'll ask anyway: Can you write in columns in the stle of a newspaper in microsoft word? Or is there a program i can download to do this?

Help is much appreciated

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Yes you can do it within Microsoft Word.

Go to Add Remove Buttons by clicking the little arrow on the tool bar on the top, at the end of the icons. The arrow is facing down. Make sure the Columns button is ticked. Then select the text you want to make into a column and click the Column button at the top of the panel of icons. It is the icon that has two columns of lines


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An easy way is to hit Table tab and then Draw Table.

Use your cursor to create separate columns in your page and write to each one what you like.

Here is an example ➡

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Thank you guys 😉

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